The Queen Of Clean! Her Majesty Has Launched Her Own Range Of Washing Up Liquid – It’ll Cost You £14.99!


According to Express UK, a new royal product is available at Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham Estate that is believed to ‘assist her in mundane activities.’

The dishwashing liquid is available for purchase in a shop on the Queen’s Norfolk estate that sells “an comprehensive variety of artisan Norfolk items.”

After formal royal butler Paul Burrell said in 2020 that the Queen ‘frequently does her own washing up and enjoys it,’

“The Queen likes to go on picnics, but the food is already prepared,” Burrell said on The Secret podcast. She enjoys doing the dishes.”

“She puts on the Marigolds (cleaning gloves) and walks out to the log cabin at Balmoral,” he went on to say.

The Queen has launched her very own washing up liquid (Picture: BAV Media; Getty)

The lady-in-waiting dries while she washes.”

The 95-year-old monarch, according to Burrell, “likes to get her hands wet in the sink.”

Sandringham sells the natural dish wash for £14.99 a bottle, and it smells like ‘coastal walks,’ which is reminiscent of the odours of the town.

“Inspired by a mutual enthusiasm for conserving our environment, we have teamed with Norfolk Natural Living to manufacture our dish wash barely 10 miles from the estate, using the finest botanical ingredients,” according to the bottle.

The 500ml bottle, which bears the Royal Sandringham Estate emblem, costs ten times as much as the famous Fairy Liquid brand.

The Queen smiling as she leaves Sandringham House in February this year (Picture: AFP/Getty)

The queen, who is a dog enthusiast and is known for having Corgis, devised the Happy Hounds Dog Cologne to help canines get rid of bad odours and stay smelling fresh.’

According to royal biographer Juliet Riden, the Queen particularly appreciated doing her own laundry at Balmoral, her summer residence.

As part of a ‘regular’ existence, she was content to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty.

Ms Riden said she also did the dishes after family picnics on the Scottish estate.

Sandringham’s Queen’s collection of items also includes honey produced by the estate’s bees.

The 454g jar costs £14.99, but as one customer put it, it’s ‘quite costly but tastes extremely good, so it’s worth it.’

And it’s not just any honey, either.

The delectable spread, created by Norfolk beekeeper Leigh Goodsell, is prepared using honey from bees kept and cared for on the Queen’s territory.

The bees collect nectar from “pleached Lime tree avenues, wild flowers such as clover, and blackcurrants.”

Brecon, a 10-year-old Welsh Corgi, poses alongside a bottle of Sandringham Cologne. (Picture: Bav Media)

‘It is somewhat pricey – but it tastes really good so it is worth it,’ said one Suffolk shopper who purchased a jar of Sandringham honey.

The hives are thought to have been installed as part of Prince Charles’ latest initiative to make the 20,000-acre estate totally organic.

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