Life-Like Cakes That You Cannot Order On Deliveroo – Yet


Cake is serious business and not just because it gives our lives meaning but, no – it’s mainly because there is unbelievable craftsmanship behind them.

It is not simply about preparing the most amazing batter. A show stopper of a cake like the ones below can weigh more than 420 pounds and you cannot carry that in a Deliveroo motorcycle.

The logistics behind building these cakes is scary, involving lots of people, impeccable planning and unprecedented skill – basically, Nasa workers and bakers are two sides of the same coin. The results of a baker’s expertise and hard work, however, are mind-blowing and often scaringly realistic.

Have a look at these breath-taking cakes, some of which look far too realistic.

Hogwarts cake to celebrate HP’s 20th Anniversary

You know how much we love HP here at Junkie, therefore, we could not leave out this scale model of the Hogwarts Castle made by cake sculptor Michelle Wibowo. The 183 cm wide and 152 tall cake weighs 100kg and was created to celebrate the 20 years anniversary of the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s (or Sorcerer’s) Stone. It took Wibowo 320 hours to make the vegan-friendly cake.

If I ever find myself homeless, I’ll move into a cake. Credit: Joe Pepler/Pinpep

Slowthai cake

Speaking of cannibalism, no wait, no one said anything about cannibalism. Oh, well, is this cake a man or is the man a cake, we are not quite sure. Made of vanilla cake and chocolate ganache with details in sugarpaste, this cake was featured in the music video for Feel Away by Slowthai. It went viral after baker Ben Cullen, i.e. The Bake King, posted it on his Instagram account. No, do not ask what is under the sheet, or someone might answer.

I’m pretty sure it’s not cannibalism if it’s cake…pretty sure. Credit: Ben Cullen

A nurse hugging Santa cake

How about a 6ft cake of a nurse hugging Santa, then. Rosie Dummer, i.e. Rose Cake Diva spent two weeks working 16 hours a day preparing the cake which served 1,200 portions and weighed more than 30 stones. The cake was a gift to thank NHS staff for their work during the pandemic. Completing the monumental task of bringing Santa to edible life, Dummer wanted to create a tribute fitting to the heroic frontline staff. She was asked by Channel 5’s Amazing Cakes and Bakes to prepare it, and she did it well.

By the way, thank you NHS! Credit: Rosie Dummer

A car cake, a CAR cake

A car life-size cake has been on my to-do list for a couple of weeks, but celebrity baker Beca Milano beat me to it. The famous chef was hired by a Brazilian TV show about weddings to make a gift for a prospective couple. Modelled after a Brazilian car called Chevette model “shark”, the cake has 2 metres of width and 3m of height, weighing 130 kg. The front lights work and you can even sit on the front seat! You can watch a snapchat of the show where the cake made an appearance here – just bear in mind you brush up on your Portuguese as there are no captions in English.

These lights work better than mine. Credit: Beca Milano
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