Hilarious Candid Images Captured On Google Maps


The Google Maps street view tool is fantastic, especially for exploring new locations. However, occasionally Google accidentally takes some candid, amusing, and/or stunning photos of the locations they are mapping.

Imagine coming across one of these 93 images while exploring a new location on Street View. Wait till you reach number 11. I’d be terrified by that.

Seagull Ready For Landing

Guy Chasing A Bear

Butterfly Landing On The Google Street Car Camera.

That’s A Penguin Riding In That Sidecar.

Nope. Not A Building Explosion. Just Bird Poop On The Camera.

Looks Like An Escaped Inmate To Me.

Is That A Guy In The Trash Can?

The Miracle Of Birth Caught On Google Street View.

Terrible Bus Driver Caught In The Act.

I Wonder What The Heck Is Going On Here.

Oh Dear, Not Good

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