Every Private Tenant In The UK Will Be Granted The Legal Right To Have A Pet


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of looking for a rental home, you are aware of how difficult it may be. You phone a landlord, the apartment is everything you’ve ever wanted, it’s ready for you, but in the next five minutes it’s gone to someone who sent the deposit a fraction of a second sooner than you did. Then the search process starts over.
The rush of adrenaline that comes with it all cannot be overstated, but for those who have young children or pets, the process is made significantly more difficult because landlords typically do not want them in their run-down homes with the boiler hanging off one measly screw and mould growing in every corner.

Thankfully, both of those problems are finally being addressed, with landlords being compelled to keep up the buildings they’re renting out and to accept tenants with dogs without prejudice. It’s genuinely a breath of fresh air.
Before we get into the specifics, be sure to upvote and follow the authorrr as well as to comment below with your thoughts on the revisions. Yes, the numerous “r”s were deliberate, just like a purring cat you could have running around your leased house.

Fixed-term leases are to be banned as part of the reforms announced on June 16 by Housing Secretary Michael Gove and replaced with open-ended contracts so tenants would only have to move when there is a strong cause to.
Additionally, the so-called “no fault” Section 21 evictions, which permit the expulsion of renters without cause, are also scheduled to be eliminated. Finally, if they fail to maintain residences in a suitable condition, landlords will be required to repay rent.
According to the Daily Mail, nowadays, one in five rental homes are judged unsafe for habitation. To prevent individuals from living in damp, unsafe, and cold dwellings, social housing rules will be expanded to private rents.

Pet ownership has a variety of well-known advantages. By providing company and stress relief, Netflix viewing sessions spent alone in bed while contemplating the passage of time and the eventual end of days are made much more tolerable.
Why then were private renters unable to have pets in their homes until recently? In the UK, there were 4.43 million private renters as of 2021.
Pets Let’s remark that “mythical” is the primary problem with pets. They state: “There is a misconception that dogs and cats are completely disruptive, running around biting on and scratching up furniture. […] What authority does a freeholder or landlord have to order you to give up your “fur babies”?

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