Disneyland’s Most Magical Foods


If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, you’ll know that the snacks can be just as brilliant as the attractions. If you’re yet to experience it, take a look below at all the treats you’re missing out on.

  1. Dole Whip

For those of you who aren’t Disney experts, a Dole Whip is essentially pineapple ice cream, but it’s up there with the most refreshing ice cream you’ll ever taste. Available at all Disney Parks in the US, you’ll want to try a Dole Whip float, where the ice cream comes perfectly swirled on top of pineapple juice.

Dole Whip. Photo Credit: Walt Disney World
  1. Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich

Simple, yet a classic. If you want a treat which is directly Disney-themed, what better to have than a frozen treat shaped liked Mickey? This one gets bonus points for being photogenic, so don’t forget to quickly take a pic before it melts.

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches. Photo Credit: disneyfoodblog.com
  1. Turkey Leg

When we say a turkey leg, we mean it. Like a whole leg. This thing’s massive. If you’re looking for a hearty lunch at Epcot, get yourself one of these and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Turkey Leg. Photo Credit: themeparktourist.com
  1. Corn Dog Nuggets

Another unique lunch option, Corn Dog Nuggets are actually a lot more appealing than they may sound. They’re basically just battered sausage bites – and we can’t say no to that.

Corn Dog Bites. Photo Credit: disney4foodies.com
  1. Cheshire Cat Tail

Available next to the Mad Hatter’s Teacups, a Cheshire Cat Tail is in fact a warm Chocolate Danish Twist, decorated with purple and pink icing. Usually we wouldn’t endorse eating animal tails, but this one sounds pretty good. 

Cheshire Cat Tail. Photo credit: allears.net
  1. Mickey Mouse Waffle

Order this, and you’ll get exactly what you asked for. A delicious waffle lightly dusted in icing sugar, and shaped like your favourite mouse. What’s not to love?

Mickey Waffle. Photo credit: Chip and Company
  1. Caramel Apples

A blast from the past, these caramel apples will taste even better than the ones from your childhood. There are different versions to be found in different locations, but whether you buy one from Snow White’s Evil Queen, or one decorated like Winnie the Pooh’s ‘Hunny’ pot, you’re in for a treat.

Winnie the Pooh inspired caramel apples. Photo Credit: Undercover Tourist
  1. Churros

Need I say more? Anyone who’s had a Churro will know what a sugary, cinnamon-flavoured delight they are, and it’s no different at Disney. If you fancy changing it up, get a Churro Ice Cream Sandwich for that extra finishing touch.

Disneyland Churro. Photo Credit: disneyfoodblog.com
  1. Mac and Cheese Hot Dog

We’re kinda mad that this is only available in one location across all Disney Parks, but if you find yourself lucky enough to be on Main Street at Magic Kingdom Florida, this is a no-brainer really. If Bacon Mac and Cheese doesn’t satisfy your cravings for Hot Dog toppings, why not add Chilli too? After all, you are on holiday.

Mac and Cheese Hot Dog. Photo Credit: Oh My Disney
  1. Mickey Mouse Pretzel

There’s not a single food that can’t be improved by being made Mickey-shaped. There, we said it. These large soft pretzels make a good savoury snack, plus they remind you that you’re in the happiest place on Earth. So enjoy it by eating all the delicacies you desire.

Mickey Pretzel. Photo Credit: Taste of Home

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