Bed Bug Epidemic Has Already Reached The UK, Experts Warn


Watch out…there could be bed bugs about!

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According to an expert, the bed bug plague that some people feared may migrate from Paris to the UK is currently present.

Given how highly we hold our beds, it’s a nightmare for many individuals.

We generally sleep there without clothing much, therefore we need a peaceful, safe environment rather than one that is stressful.

And we most definitely don’t need the thought that it might be infested with awful little bugs to start sneaking into our brains as we try to fall asleep.

However, given that a bed bug outbreak is presently spreading through the French city and that at least one expert believes it has already crossed the English Channel and into Britain, it may be especially important to be on the lookout for these kinds of things right now.

That’s not to argue that the French are to blame, but that France isn’t the only country in the world with a bed bug problem, and in reality, London probably has an even worse problem.

Microbiologist and Bed Bugs Ltd. founder David Cain said this in an interview with Sky News: “I think there’s probably a comparable amount of issue in London as there is in Paris at this point.

“They’re already on buses, trains, tubes, cinemas, doctor’s surgeries, public spaces, hospitals.”

He claims that the difference is simply that the Parisians are raising the issue, whereas in the UK people are ‘trying to keep the whole thing quiet’.

According to him, those are the kinds of circumstances that allow the issue as a whole to spread and worsen.

The deputy mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Gregoire, recently referred to the bed bug issue as a “scourge” and a “public health problem” and urged Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne to take action.

Even while this is not a brand-new issue, it is now getting worse.

One in ten French families suffered a bedbug infection between 2017 and 2022, according to the French health and safety agency ANSES.

Paris has developed an emergency hotline for guidance on what to do during that time, along with other services to try and contain the issue.

Given recent circumstances, these findings are not very surprising.

Natalie Bungay, from the British Pest Control Association, said: “Reports of bed bug activity tend to increase in the summer as people travel more.

“The lack of travel during COVID-19 lockdowns meant bed bug issues were few and far between, so it’s not surprising we’re now seeing a rapid rise in call outs.”

According to him, those are the kinds of circumstances that allow the issue as a whole to spread and worsen.

The deputy mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Gregoire, recently referred to the bed bug issue as a “scourge” and a “public health problem” and urged Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne to take action.

Alarmingly, those who haven’t gone on vacation or who don’t own automobiles are currently reporting bed bugs, indicating that the pests are well established on the public transportation system.

Regarding the possibility that the pests are travelling from France, Eurostar has stated that it is putting together “preventative treatment” to stop the spread of the insects.

In a statement to Sky News, a spokesperson said finding bed bugs on trains was ‘extremely rare’, adding: “The textile surfaces on all of our trains are cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis and this involves hot-water injection and extraction cleaning, which has proven highly effective in eliminating bugs.”

‘On request or as soon as there is the least question’ that bed bugs may be present, the firm claimed, trains will be cleaned.

Cain asserted that trains would need to be treated on a “one journey, one clean” basis in order to stop the spread.

“Otherwise, you’re using the same train to travel backward and forward, and every time a new group of passengers gets on, they may pick up the issues left by the previous one,” he stated.

However, he insists that any infestation won’t be the result of bed bugs arriving on vacation because “they are already here.”

That’s a cheery idea, isn’t it?

Woman Cleaned Boyfriend’s Manhood Every Week To Clear ’20 Years Of Build Up’

The maintenance task fell to his girlfriend because the man was unable to handle his own trash.

There aren’t many boundaries to what some individuals would do for love, as one woman recently demonstrated.

Forget about assigning chores; one lady admitted she cleaned her boyfriend’s manhood every week for several years in order to remove “20 years of build-up,” or “dick cheese,” as it was more colloquially referred to on Australia’s Triple J The Hook Up radio station.

The programme, which discusses “love and f,” received a call from a woman whose love knew no bounds in reality.

The unnamed woman opened the call by saying, “I had to clean my partner’s penis for three years.”

The show’s hosts, Dee Salmin and Pip Rasmussen, were somewhat taken aback by the unlikely chore.

Dee asked: “Excuse me?” while Pip sought to clarify what exactly that entailed: “What do you mean, clean?

“Give us more details, please.”

The caller explained that her partner’s foreskin “didn’t come back all the way” and that despite going to the doctor, nothing could be done about it.

And her companion had no intention of participating.

She was forced to do it because she claimed he “got very funny” whenever she touched his penis.

Though it might seem unnecessary, the woman continued as the hosts pressed her for more information.

She claimed to have removed “20-something years of build-up” using lubrication and a Q-tip.

At this point, Pip gasped, while Dee questioned further why the BF couldn’t manage his own bodily maintenance, asking if he was “phobic of it?”

The caller went on: “Just the whole situation of, like, his penis just freaked him out? [He] wouldn’t masturbate to that point like that’s how bad it was.”

The two hosts let out a chorused “wow” to that revelation before the called continued.

“It kind of got put down to me for three years to clean it.”

The woman said, “I don’t know why I was maintaining it.”

Dee said, “What!”

I’m just still hard to comprehend that for three years, cleaning your boyfriend’s foreskin with a Q-tip was part of your job in the relationship.

There was a caption for the brief video that read, “First there was the mental load, now there’s the d*** cheese load.” What a great picture in my head.

Weird Pillows You Should Never Use (Unless You Want To)

There are two kinds of people: those who make their bed and those who put strange pillows in them.

Which one you choose to be will define your success or failure in life, your happiness, your career, your love life. Bed makers and strange pillow fans have for years battled to rule the world – they then lost it to politicians, but I digress. Wars have been fought over whether to use quirky pillows, revolts were led over what type of sheets one should use, revolutionaries have killed for the best duvet.

Bedding and duvets and pillows are a matter of national security and we should all be talking more about it. For that reason, we have found the weirdest stuff you should never put in a bed (unless you really really want to).

Who buys a spider pillow?

It’s not cute and no one likes it. If you choose to put this in your bed, you are a psychopath.

Credit: lifelike spider art

Non-edible although quite fluffly baguette

A baguette pillow that is not reserved for the French.

Credit: Amazon

This Baby Octopus Costume Measures a Massive 5.5 Feet Long

This adorable baby octopus costume comes from Grandbudapestbotique on Etsy, and it’s easily one of the cutest baby outfits we’ve seen yet. It features long, pink tentacles and a simple hood you can slip your baby into with ease. Just like an octopus, this baby octopus suit features eight tentacles, and its soft material makes it perfect for babies. It can also be worn by small toddlers or around a small child’s waist instead of their shoulders, as is depicted in a few photos from those who purchased it.

Baby elephant hugging a baby human

I mean, adorable much?

Credit: Littlejax

If you are on a diet you should include salmon in your bedding diet

Vegan-friendly, this one is.

Credit: Happypills

Lego duvet

Lego obsessed of the world, unite!

Credit: Amazon

The boyfriend pillow may take longer to arrive due to covid (like the real one)

We all feel lonely sometimes.

Credit: Boyfriend Pillow Australia

Girlfriend pillow

We all feel lonely sometimes. Some of us just look creepier while feeling it. Please, please, please watch the video.

Blood puddle pillow

Taking the suicide prank to the next level.


Dinosaur spread


Credit: Dunelm


If you want to get lucky or pretend like you have.

Credit: Etsy

Not sure how to describe…it’s a pilow with a nose and a mouth?

In the words of a misunderstood genius of the interwebs: “I feel like those pillows could probably speak Latin in deep baritone voices.”


An offer you cannot refuse.


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Spider Pillows That Will Make You Crawl

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