Extreme Heat Weather Warning With ‘Danger To Life’ By Met Office


Some people may be at risk of serious sickness or even death, according to the Met Office, which has extended its high heat weather warning until the following week.

Large portions of the UK were given a rare amber notice for severe heat on Sunday.

As Brits are expected to experience temperatures above 40°C on Monday, Met Office forecasters have now extended the warning.

With the UK’s current record high temperature of 38.7°C achieved in July 2019, this would create a new record.

They claim that the extreme heat could cause road closures, rail and flight disruptions, as well as endanger lives.

In order to keep people safe, forecasters warn that “significant” modifications to people’s working habits and everyday routines would be required.

Additionally, extreme heat might affect water, gas, and electricity supplies and have “widespread repercussions on people and infrastructure.”

The East Midlands, East of England, South East England, North East England, North West England, South West England, Wales, West Midlands, and Yorkshire & Humber are all included in the excessive heat warning.

According to the Met Office’s warning, exceptionally high temperatures are anticipated on Sunday and Monday and could have a significant impact on infrastructure and people.

Expect unfavourable health impacts to affect the whole population, not just those who are most susceptible to extreme heat, which might result in serious sickness or even death.

“The government advises that 999 services should only be used in emergencies; if you require non-emergency health care, seek counsel from 111,”

Network Rail has issued a warning that speed restrictions may be in effect this week on some of the network’s most hot-weather-sensitive areas.

After a stray spark ignited the beams in extremely dry conditions yesterday, train tracks on Battersea Bridge in southwest London caught fire.

Yesterday’s high temperature in Northolt, west London, was 32°C, just missing this year’s record high of 32.7°C, which was recorded at Heathrow on June 17.

Following a string of grass fires, fire departments have recommended people to go on picnics rather than barbecues during the good weather.

In the meantime, the AA Driving School and RAC advised drivers to have water on them, start their trips earlier in the day, plan their routes, and inspect their vehicles before leaving.

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