Your Perfect Home According To Your Zodiac Sign


Is your ideal abode written in the stars?

Like Arthur C. Clarke: “I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we’re sceptical”. 

Whether you’re one to read your horoscope aloud every morning, or only sneak a glance while hiding in the bathroom, indulge your curiosity because your perfect home might just be written in the stars. 

Read on for your perfect home based on your zodiac sign, according to Junkie.

The Aries Home

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and, not by coincidence, Aries also loves to be number one.  Always demanding to be noticed. Boldness and ambition go hand in hand with this stunning desert house in the Yucca Valley. 

Featured in Architectural Digest, this futuristic house craves the spotlight just like Aries’ do. Located at the edge of a 440-acre private ranch, the unforgettable house offers unobstructed views of the desert. The way the home adapts to its harsh surrounds speaks to Aries’ courage to dive headfirst into the most challenging situations. 

The Taurus Home

Taurus – much like its symbolic animal, the bull – takes pleasure in the serenity of green spaces and Baronial Bliss is verdant indeed. This Scottish castle even has a Victorian walled garden that screams Taurus. Taurus’ bucolic tendencies are also perfectly in sync with the Highland setting locale. 

The 17th-century baronial castle accommodates up to 24 people. Gather friends, add music and a Sunday roast to quench Taurus’ thirst to be surrounded by soft sounds and succulent flavours.

The Gemini Home

Gemini, the busy bee of the zodiac, likes to follow many different pursuits at once. That’s why there’s nothing better than an eclectic new york style loft juxtaposed in the tranquility of Joshua Tree. The ideal escape for such a creative mind.

With oodles of character and sculptural furnishing to lean into Gemini’s artistic vibe, this home is both right at the centre of the action, while having enough space for Gemini to enthral themselves in the multiple projects they’re certain to have on the go.

The Libra Home

Libra, obsessed with harmony and balance is, sure enough, represented by the symbol of the scales. For Libra, a harmonious life is a happy life and The Mirrored House is the best representation of such harmony that we could find. 

Entirely made of glass, this 3 bedroom is a masterpiece of harmony and symmetry, and located next to a national park in the stunning Joshua Tree. With a 100ft pool it’s truly luxurious in an effortlessly casual way.

Equanimous and perfect especially for you, Libra.

The Aquarius Home

Aquarius: the independent, the leader, the fearless Aquarius. Although symbolised by a water-bearer, Aquarius is actually an air sign. Free-spirited, environmentalist and humanitarian Aquarius will be right at home here at Faerie World surrounded by water and greenery. It’s almost as if the original Aquarian water bearer bestowed blessings upon this seriously lush plot of land. 

The high view of this dreamy cottage overlooks the stream right below. You hear the babbling water, the birds, the rustling of the trees, you smell the flowers. You are free. Welcome home, Aquarius.

The Leo Home

Leo, vivacious, regal, glorious Leo. Represented by the lion, Leo enjoys the spotlight and isn’t afraid to celebrate themself. This Palm Springs home seems straight out of a Slim Aarons shoot and much like Leo, it’s the perfect place to unwind and celebrate. It sleeps up to 21 people and embraces guests with its glamorous pool.

Palm Springs, with its long-term affair with Hollywood, could not be more Leo. During Hollywood’s Golden Age, movie studios imposed a two-hour rule which banned talent from being more than two hours away from LA in case of any last-minute jobs. Leos, say hello to Palm Springs and prepare to bask in old Hollywood glamour.

The Cancer Home

Cancer, represented by the crab, is highly intuitive and can quickly pick up on a room’s energy. And what better antidote to any bad juju you’ve picked up than island paradise, Mykonos?

Cancer, the cardinal water sign, will seamlessly weave between the rooms of this chic sugar-white villa, taking emotional advantage of the house’s bright white plaster, fitted with local stones and characteristic Cycladic arches.

The sensitive crab will restore and balance all their senses after spending time in this villa’s lush garden and lagoon-like pool.

The Virgo Home

The Scorpio Home

Scorpio derives its strength from the emotional realm and needs time to recharge its batteries. The Glamper is a spectacular house for Scorpios who need a little escape from their busy life. 

The exceptional views and stunning décor of this California dream home will appeal to that passion, power and big vision that defines Scorpios. 

The Sagittarius Home

Sagittarius, the last fire sign of the zodiac. Permanently on a quest for knowledge, Sagittarius will fool you with a relaxed attitude, when what they really want is adventure.

An eccentric but classy house, in a relaxed and friendly city packed with tech companies like Snapchat and WeTransfer, this is a pairing like no other!

Sagittarius will launch its many pursuits like blazing arrows in this house which is scarily well suited to Sagittarius’ tireless attitude. 

The Capricorn Home

Capricorns are hard-working and have a great sense of responsibility. They take the blame even if it’s not their fault which can be quite a drainer.

This luxurious, rustic house secluded from just about everything may be just what they need. 

Lake Tahoe is the ideal place for Capricorn to let their hair down and let worldly concerns drift away. Relax in the hot tub or rock-lined pool and unwind with forest walks amongst towering trees. 

The Pisces Home

Pisces are known as the most artistic of all zodiac signs and their ideal home reflects that. 

“Art Deco Delight” in Brighton and Hove, England has  1920’s themed furniture, bold colours straight out of the Jazz Age, a home cinema, a retro kitchen and Art Nouveau bedrooms. Does it get any more artistic than that?

Oh wait, it does! The house once belonged to the playwright Sir Terrance Rattigan. With Brighton beach on your doorstep, this is a Pisces’ Delight.

We love these properties and think you will too! If you choose to book something recommended by us, we may receive a commission from the seller.


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