You Can Spend The Night In The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck And It Looks Absolutely Incredible


The Christmas season has officially begun with the release of the John Lewis ad, the opening of the Christmas markets, and the appearance of holiday delicacies on store shelves.

Nothing quite says “Christmas” like the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck, of course, but this year the company is significantly raising the bar.

During its UK tour, one couple of fortunate fans will not only get to see the truck, but they will also get to spend the night inside of it!

For the unique competition, Coca-Cola has partnered with and is giving away two winners a once-in-a-lifetime stay inside the truck in London on Friday, December 15, 2017.

For the ultimate Christmas sleepover, Coca-Cola is opening its doors for the first time ever to the iconic red truck.

The interiors are a Christmas extravaganza, as expected.

Over 8,000 sparkling fairy lights line the walls, and there is a woodland snow scene for added wow factor. The walls and furniture are in red and white tones, no doubt a nod to Santa’s iconic outfit.

Naturally, there is also a sizeable Christmas tree with lots of ornamental gifts underneath, as well as a fireplace with stockings and holiday cards, all of which contribute to the feeling of a proper home away from home.

Visitors will be treated to a variety of holiday treats, such as a Christmas playlist that has been specially curated and stockings that are stuffed with gifts from Santa.

(Also, there will be a tonne of ice cold Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar available.)

Oh, and did we mention that there will be a specific concierge on hand in case visitors require any additional comforts?

And of course, no Christmas experience is complete without a feast, so the lucky winners will be able to tuck into a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

Then, before cuddling up in the truck’s cosy twin beds, you may watch one of the many Christmas classics that are available on the TV and DVD player. Favourites like Home Alone and The Snowman might appear, according to our wager.

The next morning, a filling breakfast will be provided, and you’ll get free tickets to the Coca-Cola London Eye to enjoy breath-taking views of the city before leaving for home.

There’s no denying that the Coca-Cola truck has become a Christmas icon; in fact, some people argue that the festive season hasn’t kicked off until the truck’s tour begins.

Coca-Cola Great Britain’s marketing director, Aedamar Howlett, stated: “It goes without saying that Coca-Cola is associated with the holiday season and that our beloved Christmas truck occupies a particular place in the hearts of our supporters.

“Christmas is all about sharing memorable moments with friends and family, so we can’t wait to host the ideal Christmas sleepover for one lucky pair of fans. What could possibly be more enchanted during the holidays than spending the night in the Coca-Cola Christmas truck?