Weird Pillows You Should Never Use (Unless You Want To)

Weird Pillows

There are two kinds of people: those who make their bed and those who put strange pillows in them.

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Which one you choose to be will define your success or failure in life, your happiness, your career, your love life. Bed makers and strange pillow fans have for years battled to rule the world – they then lost it to politicians, but I digress. Wars have been fought over whether to use quirky pillows, revolts were led over what type of sheets one should use, revolutionaries have killed for the best duvet.

Bedding and duvets and pillows are a matter of national security and we should all be talking more about it. For that reason, we have found the weirdest stuff you should never put in a bed (unless you really really want to).

Who buys a spider pillow?

It’s not cute and no one likes it. If you choose to put this in your bed, you are a psychopath.

Credit: lifelike spider art

Non-edible although quite fluffly baguette

A baguette pillow that is not reserved for the French.

Credit: Amazon

This Baby Octopus Costume Measures a Massive 5.5 Feet Long

This adorable baby octopus costume comes from Grandbudapestbotique on Etsy, and it’s easily one of the cutest baby outfits we’ve seen yet. It features long, pink tentacles and a simple hood you can slip your baby into with ease. Just like an octopus, this baby octopus suit features eight tentacles, and its soft material makes it perfect for babies. It can also be worn by small toddlers or around a small child’s waist instead of their shoulders, as is depicted in a few photos from those who purchased it.

Baby elephant hugging a baby human

I mean, adorable much?

Credit: Littlejax

If you are on a diet you should include salmon in your bedding diet

Vegan-friendly, this one is.

Credit: Happypills

Lego duvet

Lego obsessed of the world, unite!

Credit: Amazon

The boyfriend pillow may take longer to arrive due to covid (like the real one)

We all feel lonely sometimes.

Credit: Boyfriend Pillow Australia

Girlfriend pillow

We all feel lonely sometimes. Some of us just look creepier while feeling it. Please, please, please watch the video.

Blood puddle pillow

Taking the suicide prank to the next level.


Dinosaur spread


Credit: Dunelm


If you want to get lucky or pretend like you have.

Credit: Etsy

Not sure how to describe…it’s a pilow with a nose and a mouth?

In the words of a misunderstood genius of the interwebs: “I feel like those pillows could probably speak Latin in deep baritone voices.”


An offer you cannot refuse.


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Spider Pillows That Will Make You Crawl

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