Turn Your Stairs Into A Slide With This Genius Fold Away Mat


A unique innovative device transforms stairs into an indoor slide, eliminating the need for pillow coverings and sleeping bags, which are normally used by children.

The SlideRider, which is still in prototype form, is made up of several foldable mats that can be set over angular steps to create a smooth surface.

The final pad is cushioned for a smooth landing, and there are foldout’safety rails’ to keep kids from stumbling into the bannisters.

Trisha Cleveland of Minneapolis, Minnesota, came up with the idea for SlideRider.

She uploaded her concept to Quirky.com, a website that helps people bring their ideas to reality, and is currently waiting to hear back from developers.

She says the slide is ‘perfect for rainy days’ and can also be used ‘outside on hills.’

When the kids are done playing with it, the SlideRider folds up into a small package.

Ms Cleveland estimates that if Quirky.com decides to construct her design, it will cost between $45 and $95.

Ms Cleveland has got a flood of enthusiastic feedback after releasing SlideRider on Quirky.com last month.

Many adults have expressed interest in purchasing one for themselves, let alone for their children.

One mother wrote: ‘I want this so bad. not just for my son but for me. Let’s make this happen, I would buy it.’

Another added: ‘I cannot wait for this to become available for purchase!

Ms Cleveland, who works full-time as a digital analyst for BestBuy, asked for the public’s opinion when designing her product by getting them to vote on features including the name and color.

She concluded: ‘Wow. Go SlideRider! Thanks everyone of you who are enthused as much as I am about my invention.

‘I am amazed at all [the] comments showing much enthusiasm.’

We totally agree! We cannot wait for this genius prototype to be released and get our hands on it!

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