Unique Floor Designs That Will blow Your Mind


Are you board of standard laminate and carpet floors? Do you wish your home reflected your unique taste and style? Well here are some of our favourite floor designs that break the mould.

Self-Adhesive Beach Mural Floor

The bathroom is one of the smallest and least glamorous rooms in the house. As a result, it is not uncommon to find this room neglected; people are generally more enthusiastic about updating their kitchen or adding an extra bedroom than they are about installing a new shower curtain and fresh paint in their bathroom.If you want something more eye-catching than just another upgrade, why not give your bathroom an upgrade with self-adhesive floor mural wallpaper as the ultimate interior design hack?

Skull Carpet

The piece was most recently placed at the Palazzo Grimani Museum in Venice, Italy, according to her website. The sculpture consists of over 100,000 small porcelain skulls that blanket the exhibition space’s floor. The work plainly owes a homage to Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seeds, which was shown at the Tate in 2012, yet it does not take away from its allure. Visitors must walk on these skulls as they pass through the room, a message that every step you take brings you one step closer to Death. What a cheery thought.

Why Not Make A Floor Out Of 24,124 Toy Cars

One attention-grabbing exhibit at the fair and quite possibly the most Instagrammed piece this year yet, is that of Nilo Ilarde’s — the booth is filled with thousands of Hot Wheels cars. Ilarde had taken a statement by artist Douglas Huebler and turned it on its head. “The world is full of objects, more of less interesting; I do not wish to add anymore,” Huebler is quoted in 1986. Just cover them with resin and you’ve got yourself a floor.

Garden Pub Floor Made Out Of Bottle Caps

Made out of 24,890 bottle caps and it took 112.5 hours to lay and resin. Credit: [steve.longley.5]

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