This Man Built A Super-Sized Bed That Is Going Viral


Alex Dodman, 35, built a 3m wide super bed to fit his wife and two children and to the awe of the online community.

The super bed is 3mx2m.

Alex posted a video showing the process of building such a cushiony monstrosity shaking up the democratic process of online discussion. Does one need such a big bed? Answer: yes. Does it fit into his home? Answer: it depends on what you meant by “fit”. Is Alex’s home big enough? Answer: that’s none of your business.

The bed, which has been set up including a wall projector, had to be built inside of the bedroom as it would have been too big to be brought inside afterwards.

About the need to have such a big bed, Alex said:

“If you’ve got tiny humans, you know what it’s like. No matter how hard you try, at some point, they end up taking over your bed, then booting you to the edge with their stone-cold feet.”

In the 3 minutes video, Alex describes how he came upon the idea, the obstacles he faced and, of course, the fabulously cushiony end result. The video has all the key elements to the most gripping drama: a hero, a goal, an unsurmountable obstacle and, surely, a comfy and fluffy ending.

Alex measures everything like a pro.

In the video, Alex types into google “ridiculously oversized mattress” and then goes on to explain that he could only find such mattress in America and for too high a price. Most of us miss Alex’s joke about America’s inclination towards exacerbation. Alex’s narrating voice is too soothing to be taken humorously. Or maybe we are just sleepy at the prospect of the massive bed.

Alex decides to use two smaller mattresses instead of importing a gigantic one from America, to protect America’s reputation – we figure – but, also, to keep costs down.

The comments on the posted video go from astonishment to jealously. Alex’s oneiric achievement seems to bring the best and the worst in people.

User janetttt_kok went: “That was impressive and creative”, whereas bukkypampam spitefully said: “house’s not that big”.

The bed is so big, Alex had to use two mattresses.

But the majority seems impressed by the achievement: “That’s amazing”, said one comment. “Omg can you make me one, please?” said another.

Alex is becoming the DIY king having finished his home renovation in just a year, a feat that was covered by the national media. From The Sun to Channel 4, everyone seems to get the ultimate satisfaction off a good old DIY.

A forecast analyst for the NHS East of England Ambulance Service, Alex lives in his fully renewed four-bedroom home in Saffron Waldon, Essex along with his partner Sarah, a daughter Allie, 4 and a son, Eddie, 2. 

Together, the couple bought the initially two-bedroom home in July 2017 for £250,000. After the radical transformation and a £100,000 investment, the house is now worth £525,000, giving the couple a generous profit of £175,000.

Alex’s 125k Instagram following passionately accompanies every step of his home renovation saga of which a swimming pool is the latest update.

Let’s keep our eyes peeled for that swimming pool. Maybe we get to make our own someday.

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