This Lady Made A Giant Monopoly Quilt And You Will Want To Pass Go


Monopoly, oh, Monopoly. The ultimate test of patience for family and friends. There is no better way to put a relationship to the test than to play a game of Monopoly.
If you’re a Monopoly fanatic, you know two things: 1) You’ll probably win the most of the time, and 2) You’ll adore this Monopoly blanket, guaranteed.

Facebook: Art From The Heart Quilts

This entirely playable Monopoly quilt, designed by Tabitha of Art From the Heart Quilts, comes with its own branded money, playing cards, and 3D pieces to go around the board with!

Facebook: Art From The Heart Quilts

She created the board by herself and then had it manufactured by a professional quilter. To make all of the pieces, she taught herself how to 3D print!

The well thought details are actually incredible! You will not find a missing piece…

She printed not only regular Monopoly pieces, but also ones that were appropriate for her family! The game controller is my favourite; it’s so awesome! But don’t get too comfortable with that cupcake.

Facebook: Art From The Heart Quilts

Tabitha said that she made it to share with her family.

“This really was a labor of love for my mom and family. I can’t wait until my family can be together again so we can play our first game on it!”

Facebook: Art From The Heart Quilts

We think you’ll agree this is perfect night in for any family or friends gathering! So much talent and work and we just love it.

Did you know someone pulled up their carpet and discovered something very similar…

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