The Only Thing You Need For Your Cat Is This Throne


Elly Gibson, 25, wanted a room fit for a king, which her 17-year-old Maine coon cat– appropriately called Arthur – most certainly is! So she grabbed a pair of scissors, some glue, and some paint and began to work on her DIY project right away.

“I was looking at this cardboard box, a shoebox for children’s boots that my mom had mailed me something in, and I was thinking I could make Arthur a new bed,” said owner Elly.

Photo: ellyfishtheellybean

“I opened it up and it already kind of looked like a chair, so I thought I could make a throne, since we often call him King Arthur. And then I realized the best throne to make would be the Iron Throne.”


Elly claims she merely made it up as she went along and had no grand concept for the execution. She started with a plain box and added cut-out swords before adding a foundation at the bottom to create the throne-like appearance. It’s starting to come together with a few little tweaks here and there.

Photo: ellyfishtheellybean

After that, a beautiful coat of black paint was applied, with some silver added on top to give it that frosty sheen.

Photo: ellyfishtheellybean

“I sewed a little cushion for his fat booty,” Elly said. The throne was complete!

Photo: ellyfishtheellybean

This magnificent cat can now resume his proper place as King of the House, and he is overjoyed in his new digs. Since Elly’s magical creation went viral across the internet, there have been other creator that also loved the idea. If you don’t have time for this Game of Thrones inspired crafting- then you can find a very similar version on Etsy or around $60!

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