The Office Chair That Lets You Have A Work Nap


It’s common practise in countries such as Spain and many Latin American countries to take a sleep in the early afternoon to boost productivity for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, if you let the back of your head touch your chair in America, you will almost certainly be fired on the spot. Your boss would prefer that you work at 10% for the next 3 hours of the day rather than taking a 30 minute nap and working at 100% for the remaining 2.5 hours. Doesn’t it make sense? This Japanese business has created an office chair that allows you to lie fully flat at work and take a power nap.

The lie flat office chair comes unassembled, so you’ll have to put it together yourself. It comes with a Japanese manual, so good luck, weighs 48.5 pounds, and dimensions 25.2 inches wide x 51.2 inches tall x 68.9 inches deep when fully assembled.

Also, you will have to venture through a Japanese website to purchase the chair, so you might want to recruit a Japanese speaking friend to help you purchase the lay flat chair.

There’s something about sitting at a desk that exhausts us. We can zoom through work in the morning, eat a delicious and healthy lunch, and then fall into a slump. At work, everyone has contended with the afternoon slump. Even if you have a lot of work to do, we all get hit by that afternoon slump. Get a chair like this and you’ll never hit that slump again, or you’ll never do any work again. You decide.

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