McDonald’s Xmas Ad Can Make You Cry AND Buy Carrots


This Xmas, McDonald’s has gifted us with much more than saturated fat – they have come up with a Xmas ad so touching, it makes us forget they are trying to sell us stuff.

If you’re lost you can look and you will find me at Mccies. Credit: McDonald’s UK

The 1’30’’ film called Imaginary Iggy tells the story of a little girl, Matilda, who becomes friends with an adorable reindeer she had drawn on a piece of paper.

Like in any friendship, the duo goes through many adventures together. Matilda feeds Iggy some reindeer carrots she had laying around – as we all do; Iggy feeds her the dance moves at a home performance. They make reindeer carrots offerings to Santa’s little helpers. It is a good and relatable portrait of the wholesome friendship between a child and her imaginary friend – ultimately, between a child and Christmas and, even more ultimately, between a child, reindeer carrots and McDonald’s.

As little Matilda grows up, however, she drifts away from Iggy eventually shutting him inside a closet – maybe a symbolism that Matilda is now a vegan who hates Mccies, maybe a symbolism that she is a psychopath who enjoys imposing cruelty against imaginary animals by shutting them inside the wardrobe – art is complicated and we don’t know.

Time passes and Matilda continues to mature until, as a young woman, whilst eating at Mccies with her girlfriends, she sees a small boy playing with a piece of carrot (yes, some people do order carrots at McDonald’s). The image of the whimsical boy reminds Matilda of Iggy, encouraging her to rush back home and rescue the adorable imaginary animal from the wardrobe.

With Matilda and Iggy reunited and, to the sound of a moody pianoed version of Cindy Lauper’s Time After Time sung by Mabel, Christmas is saved. I mean, nothing makes us cry like a good piano melody accompanied by a powerful voice – Adele, we ARE talking about you.

The United Nations of the Internet has taken it to Twitter to comment on the emotional scars this year’s McDonald’s Xmas ad has caused on them. User @DeniseMMakes said: “I can’t believe I’ve just cried at the McDonald’s Christmas ad.” And @Krystal piled on: “Nah why did the McDonald’s advert make me cry.

Every year, we are overcome by emotional Xmas ads from big companies like John Lewis – whose ad this year has caused a mild stir, by the way. Companies know we love crying at Xmas ads even more than we love a good ol’ big Mac.

McDonald’s Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Graham-Clare talked about the campaign:

“Christmas is such as joyous time for children and adults alike – with this year set to be better than ever as families reunite all over the country after a difficult few years.

“We want to make sure that McDonald’s is on hand to help the British public get Reindeer Ready on the lead up to the big day.

“We’re confident our advert perfectly encapsulates the magic of childhood imagination which comes alive at this time of year and provides a helpful reminder that you’re never too old to make-believe. “We are looking forward to seeing our customers’ reactions to the advert and hope that the friendship between Matilda and Iggy brings a smile to viewers when watching.

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