Man’s Collection of 24,124 Toy Cars Will Never Be Enough


People have a habit of collecting strange things in large quantities, however we have never seen a collection of peculiar items quite so unique, until now.

One attention-grabbing exhibit at the fair and quite possibly the most Instagrammed piece this year yet, is that of Nilo Ilarde’s — the booth is filled with thousands of Hot Wheels cars. Ilarde had taken a statement by artist Douglas Huebler and turned it on its head. “The world is full of objects, more of less interesting; I do not wish to add anymore,” Huebler is quoted in 1986.

Ilarde now says, “The art fair is full of objects, more or less interesting; I wish to add 24,124 more cars.”

His collection can be viewed at the Philippines art fair.

The annual exhibit is returning with heaps of new material for collectors and art enthusiasts —  everything from paintings, to sculptures, and now, even photography can be found in the fair.

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