Home Influencers Can Make Up To Nearly £70k Per Year From Snaps Of Their Living Room


Furniturebox, an interior design specialist, has surveyed the top home influencers on Instagram – including Marie Kondo – and, well, their sofa alone probably makes more than you and I together.

Given our global fascination for chilling, the living room is, obviously, the biggest money-maker – potentially. The company surveyed 25 Instagram accounts between January 2019 and October 2021 and came up with a breakdown of how much money each room could potentially make on Instagram.

There are many caveats to this as it is the case with any survey, of course. These estimates are only valid for Instagram accounts with millions of followers, not everyone can be Mari Kondo even after throwing away all their socks…and so on and so on. However, I’m still curious about how much money these influencers could – potentially – make. If you are too, read on!

Credit: @mrshinchhome on Instagram

Potentially, this survey could show that interior design is a truly profitable career – potentially.

If you don’t believe me, you should believe Monty George, Furniturebox’s co-founder:

“It’s spectacular to see the amazing earning potential a strong sense of interior design can bring to an individual.

“This study highlights the fresh and new career opportunities interior design and home improvements can bring, with home influencers building strong careers on the styling of their homes.”

George is right. And business-wise, it is also useful to know which room is the most profitable. After all, you wouldn’t want to put all your eggs on decorating the toilet basket, when the money is actually in the kitchen.

Credit: Furniturebox

To calculate the potential for earning per post, they used Instagram Money Calculator. They then found the total earnings per post living room photos of all 25 influencers combined, which resulted in more than a million pounds! £1,555,312.93 per year, to be precise. They then did an average by splitting that into 25. This resulted in the obscene amount of £62,213.

Credit: @studiomcgee on Instagram

Ok, so, on average, you could make £62,213 per year, literally, out of your living room. Well, YOUR kitchen might not make this much money, but our influencer’s kitchen could make as much as a staggering £37,871 per year. It’s a dog-eat-dog world or, better yet, it’s a kitchen eat kitchen world out there.

One of the influencers surveyed, Sophie Hinch, has 4.2 million followers on Instagram and an estimated household potential for earnings of £85k per year – more than Mari Kondo, whose six rooms had an estimated profit of over £43k per year.

In other words, if I were making as much as Hinch (potentially), I would also wear a gala dress to stay at the house.

Another astonishingly big account with 3.1 million followers, Studio McGee belongs to Syd and Shea McGee and usually features photos of their family home. Their estimated earning potential is £1,389,460 per year which I would easily pay – if I had that kinda money.

No one here is quitting their job to become an Insta decorator tomorrow, but we are dreamers and there is a particular kind of solace in learning that some lucky fellows out there could – potentially – have done just that.

If you have an amazing living room, kitchen, bedroom or any room or unique garden room, we can feature it and you could be the next Mari Kondo. Find out more here.

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