Fancy Living In A Castle? Check Out These 20 Castles For Sale Right Now


Back in medieval times, there were only two ways to own a castle: either through marriage or by battling to the death against your enemies. Nowadays, you can purchase one. 

Buying a castle is not as expensive as you might think either. If you are lucky, you can find a castle for as little as £500,000,00 – the same price range as a two-bedroom flat in Paris or London. 

Before you don your crown and pick up your sceptre, a word from the wise on the slight catch that accompanies the bragging rights of owning your own piece of history. 

According to restoration specialist, Elizabeth Corbin Murphy of Chambers, Murphy & Burge, owning a castle is a passion project, not an investment, requiring “deep pockets and patience”. For those who remain unfettered, or are just here for a nosey, here are 20 castles for sale right now:

  1. The Street Castle is your way to the splendour of a medieval heritage and to the elegance of the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th Century. Would you like to own your own bistro? Well, you may. Have you ever heard of a King Post roof? Well, now you have because this beauty has it. Have you ever dreamt of ornate Gothic traceried windows? Well, dream no more, as gothic traceried windows you shall possess. This castle is a better look than my one-bedroom flat, although it’s probably harder to keep the castle tidy.

2. This 16th Century castle in Monaco, for example, costs less than £500,000 and has withstood the French Revolution, which means it can probably withstand your indoor plants and a couple of knitted socks.

2. Harry Potter fan? Devizes Castle has a straight outta Hogwarts appeal to enjoy every single day after you move into this magnificent building that was previously owned by Henry VIII’s wives, with your Ikea furniture.

3. This will sound a bit like Game of Thrones, but Earlshall Castle was so-called after the hunting lodge of ‘The Erlishall’ owned by the Earls of Fife, kin of King Robert de Bruce. Sir William Bruce began building the castle in 1546 and received Mary Queen of Scots here in 1561. This beauty has its own Wikipedia page.

4. Even more luxurious than living in a castle would be to live in a ‘chateau’, and this 19th-century building located only 5 minutes from the city centre was designed by the famous architect Carlier (Halles de Narbonne).

5. Owned by the same family since 1862, the Pezenas Castle in France was built in the 15th Century. You may start applying for that bank loan straight away to buy your very first castle if you can afford to maintain this sumptuous piece of royalty.

6. Another option for you, my lucky castle-hunter, is this humble abode only 2 hours away from Paris at the cost of €15,750,000.

7. How about some medieval heritage combined with the elegance of the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th Century? It’s a better look than my one-bedroom flat, although it’s probably harder to keep a castle tidy.

8. Have you got enough family to fill 15 rooms and 685m2 in France?

9. Careston Castle is a historical building with mature woodland besides high-quality arable land – if you are into gardening, this is the castle for you.

10. Killochan Castle built in 1338 has been described as one of the finest fortified houses in South Scotland. It’s always good to have that extra protection in case of a zombie attack or, well, a war for your territory.

11. This 14th century stone castle near Edinburg currently hosts a B&B if you need help paying back that loan you took to purchase the castle.

12. Get a taste of the Belle Epoque Francaise for only €16,800.000 with the Chateau Saint Anne. If you buy this castle, you can enjoy its history without having to study. Who said money can’t buy everything?

13. If you have €1,417,500 to spare, here’s what you should buy with it.

14. 14th century, here I come! If I can find €1,664,000 inside my winter jacket’s pocket.

15. I mean, you haven’t really lived until you possess your own water fountain in your own front yard, at your own castle. You can have a real life and stop pretending for €48,000,000.

16. We are not quite sure yet of how Brexit will impact the Castle-selling industry, but life is short and this castle is tall. I mean, for €8,000.000, I’d take it for myself. 

17. This castle not only reminds us of Disney World but is also a true 13th-century castle. Not that price matters when it comes to art and love, but this particular castle costs €15,000,000. 

18. You can buy proper majestic stairs for  €15,000,000. They come with a castle.

19. This one is open to offers. I’ve got a tenner if you need to borrow some. 

20. This castle and hamlet are from the 12th century and were owned by the Sienese noble family Pannocchieschi d’Elci. For those into Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’, this property was once owned by the famous Cosimo de Medici.