Destructive Pets Who Have Absolutely No Regrets

Destructive Pets Who Have Absolutely No Regrets

We’ve all seen pets behaving badly – they’re funny unless they’re your own. We’ve compiled some hilarious household disasters caused by pets, so feel free to laugh, knowing that you’re not the one who has to clean up!

  1. When someone tries to get you in the Christmas spirit before December 1st

Who could’ve possibly knocked that over?

Photo: brigov22

2. When you try to look guilty, but the chaos is just too fun

It’s a one of a kind shower curtain now though, right?

Photo: baabaaredsheep

3. When not even your siblings are safe

It’s one thing to break an item, but this guy broke an actual cat.


4. When you decide the family hasn’t been recycling properly

Doesn’t that face just scream “save the planet”?

Photo: Mathysg2006

5. When you need a change of scenery, and you need it NOW

Doors are overrated anyway tbh.


6. When you play dumb to avoid getting in trouble

Who could get mad at that smile?

Photo: Ropa-grande

7. When you’re in desperate need of a snack, but times are tough

Who could deny this young man a quick nibble on such a tasty tabletop?

Credit: stupid_drunk_guy

8. When you thought you saw a spider, so you have to check everywhere

In his defence, they probably needed a new sofa anyway.


9. When you get jealous that your humans won’t stop Tweeting

Leave the tweeting to the birds next time pal.


10. When you can’t resist eating the pink powder

It was probably strawberry flavoured, wasn’t it?

Photo: Lennychi

11. When you were just practicing your Tarzan skills

It’s a little high up, you’re not making this easy for him.

Photo: Funkofairy

12. When the toilet paper looked at you funny

To be fair, it did put up a good fight though.

Photo: dogsdogdogsforever

13. When you’re dropping hints that the place needs re-decorating

This wallpaper has got to go. You know you hate it too.


14. When the potted plant suddenly explodes, so you take shelter

It must have been a faulty one.


15. When you save your whole family, but they don’t seem grateful

It’s a good job he was there, or things woulda gotten ugly.


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