Cafe In Malaysia Goes Viral For It’s Unique Seating Plan


Photos of a cafe in Malaysia that has a unique dining arrangement have been spreading far and wide on social media and we can certainly see why!

With its multi-level dining concept, Cafe Takdak Nama elevates dining to new heights. Its first location, in Bayan Lepas, Penang, opened at the end of last year. The restaurant opened its second location in Sungai Petani, Kedah, two months ago.

They offer a variety of western dishes such as chicken and lamb chops, carbonara, fish and chips, to name a few!
But it was the ‘creative’ seating that drew the world wide web’s attention.

After being recommended by Snoop Dogg, the Penang restaurant was suddenly noticed worldwide. Yes, that’s right, recommended by Snoop Doggy dog himself!

On his Instagram page , the worldwide rapper shared a photo of the café, which features a fantastically distinctive and imaginative chair and table arrangement. Which has since led the cafe photos to go viral and gain a lot of interest in quirky cafe.

The social media post didn’t include specific details of the Cafe, just a phrase that reads, “When the restaurant is little, but the owner is creative,” complimenting the cafe’s creator for thinking outside the box. Snoop Dogg’s Instagram post had over 100k likes at the time of writing (Wednesday, December 23rd).

You’ve undoubtedly came across this place if you’ve been following many local foodies on social media. In comparison to other restaurants and eateries in Penang, the western food stall Café Takdak Nama (roughly translated as Café With No Name) is highly renowned for its distinctive table and chair layout.

Radzi Md. Noor, the founder and head chef of Café Takdak Nama, turned to his personal Instagram account, @mamakkwangsoo, to express his delight at the free publicity given to his restaurant.

We agree with Snoop and definitely would love to check out Cafe Takdak Nama for ourselves!

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