25 Home Designs Gone Wrong


Human beings tend to expect results without putting in the effort. It’s an evolutionary thing, something about survival and saving energy for the winter. The fantastic thing about this lazy brain of ours is that it produces incredibly funny online content.

It is in our DNA to save energy, which is why we don’t like exercise, even though we know it’s good for us, according to Daniel Lieberman, a professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University. We want to install a door without having ever touched a hammer and we want that door to work perfectly on the first go.

To pay homage to our ancestral laziness, here are 25 home designs and décor that didn’t quite turn out as expected.

  1. Indoor pools are no longer a thing solely for the rich. You can buy yours in ASDA, place it in the living room and be done with it.

2. Remember what we were talking about wanting to install a door without any kind of training or skill? Well. I guess it’s an evolutionary thing, really, maybe the next door will be better.

3. Coco Chanel once said: “before leaving the house, take one thing off”. What if you don’t leave the house, though?

4. One small curtain for man, one giant window for mankind.

5. A wise woman called Lyn E Thompson once commented on a Facebook post: “Only when two mirrors are placed like this do you see your own face! Otherwise, you are backwards”. Deep.

6. We all had butterflies in our belly, but what does it mean when they are near other parts of one’s body?

7. Another quote from an online philosopher. Facebook user Amanda Allanson: “I just can’t understand why we can’t sell this place”.

8. Does the carpet match the drapes? Well, actually…

9. New game: fireplace or bathroom sink? It’s both!

10. Where does the magic happen? Here. The magic happens here.

11. We are all prone to make mistakes and no one is perfect, but the carpet and bathtub paradox should be taught at school.

12. Let’s normalize eating out but inside.

13. Either these windows are fake, or this wall is about to crumble. Please, message us if you live in this house and are currently stuck under the debris.

14. When you get confused about whether you want adventure or peace.

15. This TV show is breakneck, I love it! No, wait.

16. Oh my god! Please, make it centred. My eyes! My eyes!

17. Some people just cannot be by themselves. Ever.

18. This is an art piece by Japanese sculpture artist, Makoto Egashira who covers everything in this flowery fluffy typically Japanese blanket. Please, don’t do this in your home. Or do it and send us pics!

19. You can use the power of imagination to turn the water from the ocean into a tap with potable water? Let’s brainstorm.

20. If you feel like you definitely need a fridge near your bathtub, here is what you should do.

21. Only 10kg less and I will finally be able to use my home toilet.

22. An online user saw this house at the “Keep Austin weird home tour”. Sticking with the theme.

23. Now, let’s talk about the length of this cow’s torso.

24. Loneliness is a contemporary issue in our society. How do we get it sorted, you ask?

25. In answer to your thousands of messages asking us: no, we do not know if this is a home in London but, yes, we can see why you would ask that.

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