Awesome Ways To Make Family Movie Night Extra Magical


It’s easier than you think to organise a fun movie night with friends or the whole family! It’s also a wonderful opportunity for you to spend some quality time together!

With a home theatre, you can create a movie experience tailored just how you like it! Set up a cinema room with surround sound and a big screen to give you the feeling of being at the movies without the added expenditure of pricey food! Who doesn’t want their own private theatre, after all?

Family movie night is more than just numbing out in front of the television. It has the potential to bring people together and generate memorable new experiences. That’s why we’ve compiled a handy list of entertaining ideas to make movie night more special.

Think outside the box for seating (Literally)

Photo: Kara’s Party Ideas

Have any cardboard boxes lying around? Kids can be ridiculously creative when it comes to cardboard boxes, and with a few snips, some marker and tape, you can turn a basic box into a spaceship, a car, a castle … and then sit snuggly inside while the movie plays. The perfect make believe drive-through cinema experience!

Make A home cinema with some DIY props

Make a home theatre. Print tickets and assign seats for the evening’s movie. Then cram sweeties, drinks, and popcorn into a dollar store baskets or bento lunchboxes. If you have a lot of movie nights at home, investing in a movie projector screen could be a great investment. You don’t always need a profession screen, a blank white wall or sheet hung works just aswell!

You can never have too many cushions or fairy lights

Create your perfect cosy ambience. Get the cushions, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags.. anything goes! Fairy lights and lanterns are perfect for keeping the mood chilled and the vibe mellow. For friends or a DIY date night tea lights are always a cute touch.

Settle on your movie choice and stick to it

We’ve all been there… It’s time to settle down and turn the TV on and know one can decide or agree what to watch. It’s mundane and time-consuming, before you know it an hours gone by and no choice has been made. Decide before the date, gear your theme towards what you’ve chosen and stick with it. Know one will question what or why. Dish out the snacks and hit play. Zero fuss.

Choose a theme for a fun twist on your evening

Why not make your DIY evening even more special by choosing a theme. Create some themed snacks, Pinterest is so great for this. You can even craft some extra decor leading up to the event and get all the family involved. Here’s some themed movie night ideas.

Photo: Ebay
Photo: Ebay
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DIY Movie Night Checklist

  • printable movie tickets
  • lots of cozy blankets
  • supportive pillows
  • comfortable seating
  • a themed movie dinner
  • fun movie night snacks
  • popcorn buckets or paper bags for guests candy
  • surround sound
  • movie projector
  • cozy slippers and pyjamas never hurt either!

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