A Boy Called Christmas Is Coming Out On Netflix


Already considered a Christmas classic, the Netflix original A Boy Called Christmas will be available to stream on 26 November both in the UK and the US and you know how much we love streaming at Junkie.

Maggie Smith any time of the year is a treat. During Christmas, it’s a blessing! Credit: Netflix

This is a Christmas fable where a little boy named Nikolas – nicknamed “Christmas” for being born on that day – embarks on a magical journey to find his father and renew the hopes in his kingdom.

Christmas’ father is looking for the town of Elfhelm to prove that the village of the elves really exists. If he can prove the village exists, he can make a lot of money.

The star-studded cast includes Maggie Smith as the narrator, Stephen Merchant as Nikolas’ sidekick Miika The Mouse, Kristen Wiig as evil aunt Carlotta plus Sally Hawkins, Michiel Huisman, Zoey Colletti, Toby Jones, Rune Temte, Indica Watson and Rishi Kuppa. Nikolas is played by Henry Lawfull.

Director Kenan talked about the importance of such holiday films:

“What I was excited about was doing justice to that breadth of theme, and capturing the human experience, on the back of a holiday that we can take for granted.”

Narrated by Maggie Smith, the film has already been deemed a classic by the media. The breathtaking trailer shows the magic we needed this year and much more.

“Long ago, nobody knew about Christmas,” Smith tells us as we watch Nikolaus and his sidekick get ready for misfit. “Until a boy showed the world how to believe in the impossible.”

Shot in the Arctic Circle, the director Kenan wanted to bring realism to the magical story:

“The only way that I could believe that Elfhelm was actually out there was by grounding the journey and the photography in the natural world.”

The script was adapted by Kenan and screenwriter Ol Parker from the best-selling homonymous children’s book by Matt Haig. The film is directed by Gil Kenan, who has been nominated for an Oscar for the animation Monster House. The director is also known for City of Ember, Poltergeist (2015) and Scream: The TV Series.

The book that inspired the film A Boy Called Christmas was released in 2015 with illustrations by Chris Mould.

Cannot wait until Friday!